Logic PG250 Surface Grader

  • Incorporates a rubber buffer to prevent damage
  • Raise and lower transport lever - easy to operate
  • 2.5 metre width
  • Perimeter plough 1.1 metre wide used to draw in material kicked up around the boards.
  • Depth adjustment - allows correct blade setting for various types of surface
  • Adjustable drawbar for altering the hitch height to suit different towing vehicles
  • Wheel Track Levelling Kit - essential for a ‘one pass’ system. On any rough surface, the area immediately in front of each wheel is graded to provide a level track to travel on. This provides a stable platform for the mainblade to produce a smooth finish on the first pass
  • Low ground pressure tyres 20 x 7-8 ensuring all round capability on hard and soft surfaces
  • Swivel hitch with 50mm ball coupling